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TNSG Tampa

TNSG Tampa was launched as the founding chapter of the national organization in 2021. Currently, the chapter consist of 100+ local black men including 27 small business owners, 33 different career types, having received 25 different types of college degrees, 51 industry certifications and representing all 4 branches of the military. In 2022, we hosted 4 free enrichment workshops, 3 networking events, a leadership empowerment summit and monthly social activities. TNSG Tampa has also partnered with numerous local organizations to serve the Tampa Bay community.

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Tampa Bay has 96,000+ Economically Disadvantage Youth

Research has shown that many disparities can be explained in large measure by persistent gaps in access to financial capital and what’s commonly referred to as human capital (education and experience). According the the Coalition of At-Risk Youth:

  • Only 1 in 10 youth from low-income families go on to graduate from a four-year college

  • Nearly a third of youth from low-income families (29 percent) fail to earn high school diplomas (That would be roughly 30,000 kids in Tampa Bay on the next 10 years)

Our Solution

TNSG Tampa is launching the "Exposure to Opportunity" project for underserved youth between the ages of 14-18. Our goal is to close the opportunity gap by helping the youth create a post-secondary plan that includes personal finance education , wealth building exposure and The New Standard etiquette empowerment.  



Personal Finance

Social Media Etiquette

Post-secondary Planning

Lifestyle Planning

College, Trade and Military Exposure

Understanding/Building Wealth

Healthy Decision Making

Social-emotional Skill Building


College Tour

TNSG Tampa will be taking high school students on college tours throughout florida to expose them to degree programs, campus life and all that college has to offer.


Trade & Military Showcase

TNSG Tampa will host a trade and military showcase in April 2023. to highlight military and blue collar/trade career options. 

Support Our Efforts

Your donation allows us to gradually close the opportunity gap by funding our education, exposure and empowerment programming. As an organization, we are committed to giving our time and energy but need your resources to expand the aspirations and opportunities for our underserved youth. Help us change lives and increase our workforce talent in the Tampa Bay community. 









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